October 28, 2015

Office-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

1. Rosy The Riveter
Nashville style blog

What you will need: a red bandana, rolled up denim shirt, blue jeans, red socks, and black combat boots.  Tool box optional.

2. Elle Woods
Nashville style blog

What you will need: pink suit, pink heels, pink hat, pink bag.  Optional: your tiny four-legged friend.

3. Audrey Hepburn
Nashville style blog

What you will need: little black dress, pearl necklace, elbow length black gloves, black heels, chic black sunglasses.  Cigarette holder optional.

4. Blair Waldorf
Nashville style blog

What you will need: white button-down, bow, plaid pleated skirt, black knee-high socks, ballet flats, and a headband.

5. "Nurse Costume"
Nashville style blog
**Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, delivering her nursing monologue at the 2015 Miss America pageant before being mocked and attacked on "The View" for wearing a "nurse costume" and "doctor's stethoscope".  My mom is a Registered Nurse and has a PhD in Nursing and I could not be more proud. Nursing is one of the most respected professions out there.  Nurses are amazing and run every hospital in this country!

What you will need: scrubs, stethoscope, and tennis shoes.   

6. Rachel Zoe
Nashville style blog

What you will need: you could literally go a million different directions with this and would  look "ba-nanas" being the chicest CEO in town... you could wear a chic black suit (with flared legs, of course) and a white button-down, oversized sunnies and lots of accessories; or, a white blouse with a faux fur vest and flared jeans, a beanie or Fedora, oversized sunnies and lots of accessories and wine-colored lipstick.  Venti Starbucks cup optional.  P.S. Everyone will "die"!  

7. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
Nashville style blog

What you will need: red trench coat, black turtleneck, red fedora, black over-the-knee boots, black gloves, and a briefcase.

I hope you find inspiration in these easy (and inexpensive) DIY office-appropriate Halloween costumes. Chances are, you already have most, if not all, of these items lying around your house and can whip something up really quickly if you get to dress up.  I plan on going as a nurse to a volunteer Junior League Halloween event later this week and am wearing my mom's scrubs and stethoscope (see 5 above)- super easy to throw together and perfect for working with kids!   

Thanks so much for stopping by!  What are y'all wearing to the office and over the weekend? 


  1. I've wanted to be Rosie the Riveter for the past several years, maybe I'll actually go for it this year! However, dressing up as Blair Waldorf would be fun, especially wearing her attitude ;) thanks for the ideas!

    xo - Michelle

  2. YES YES! I love this post! I was thinking about this yesterday

  3. Oh, this is too cute! I would definitely go as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Sending you much love, Brittany!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Love these ideas. I hadn't thought about dressing up for work (in a law office, lol), but I'm liking the Rosy the Rivier idea. It's casual Friday, after all. ;)

  5. What get ideas, that are perfectly appropriate!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. What cute ideas!!! Love this post!

  7. Elle Woods & Audrey Hepburn are amazing ones. Such lovely ideas, thanks for sharing babe ;)
    I'm not dressing up this year unfortunately, but still loving cute Halloween-related posts <3
    xox Nadia

  8. These choices are extraordinary, they are sublime, but I can't go to work dressed like this. A bit more simple, they are too elegant. Or different, like the nurse outfit.