February 26, 2016

Paris Vacation

Happy Friday and TGIF!  I need your help!  I will be in France next month, and need recommendations for places to eat, drink, sightsee, shop, and visit, etc.  We are staying in some of the following places in France: Normandy, Angers, Cannes, Cote d'Azur, Nice, and of course, Paris.  We will also be in Monaco for a day or so.  

I have been taking Rosetta Stone French lessons for the past few months and hope to be able to understand some of what is going on.  If you have any tips, suggestions or any places we must visit, I would love to hear them!  I am so excited!

Thanks so much for stopping by- merci beaucoup!


  1. Wow!! What an amazing trip!! the louvre was one of my favorite places to visit. You will have a wonderful time!

  2. Oh my goodness I looooooved Paris - it was the best! I unfortunately was only there for 3 days so my time was jammed packed visiting all the landmarks but some ideas include: picnic on the lawn in front of the eiffel tower or by the Seine River. :) Oh and DEFINITELY make sure you head up to Montemarte.


  3. I have always wanted to go to France!! That trip will be amazing!

  4. I can't even think about a place. I loved all, bakery, street food, coffee. Take pictures we are expecting some.

  5. Stunning photos! I absolutely love Paris, it's such a gorgeous place with so much history and culture!

    Mary Kate