July 29, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Beauty Favorites

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Beauty
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Happy Friday!  For today's post, I am sharing a few of my favorite beauty picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  There are way too many to choose from!  I have been dying to try the neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum Duo now that it is on sale, because I have heard so many raving reviews about it.  Has anyone tried it?  If so, would you recommend it? 

Have a great weekend!  TGIF! 

July 27, 2016

5 Things All Law School Graduates Need

Elle Woods, 5 Things All Law School Graduates Need

With so many of my readers sitting for the Bar Exam this week, I wanted to share 5 Things All Law School Graduates need from my own personal experience.  I get quite a few emails from law students asking for tips and advice, and wanted to pass these tips along.  In addition to law, these tips apply to just about every other profession.  I hope you find them helpful!

1. Professional Headshot
After you graduate and take the bar exam, go get a professional headshot.  Now that you are a "professional", you have to look the part.  You will need a professional headshot for your county's bar association composite, your website (or, your professional profile on your firms' website), LinkedIn, and to send to the newspaper for quotes (true story!).  

2. Updated Resume 
Graduating law school is a huge accomplishment that you will absolutely want to include on your resume.  After you graduate law school, make sure your resume is up-to-date with all of your professional experience and extracurricular activities up to this point.  Also, if you ranked highly in your class or served on Law Review, be sure to include that.  
Tip: Most firms/companies require a cover letter with your resume.  Go ahead and have a standard cover letter on hand and tweak it for each job based on that particular job description, along with that firm's mission.  Be sure to check out their website and any online activity, such as published articles.  Do your homework and be ready to show off how much you know about the company!

3. Writing Sample
Going along with #2, most firms want a recent writing sample from your law school days to see how well you write, as well as your thought process in analyzing the law and facts.  This is true especially for recent grads applying for entry-level associate positions.  Read through your writing sample to check for mistakes and other formatting issues before submitting.  Even though you may not be applying for a clerkship or some appellate job that requires a ton of research and writing, you still may have to write a lot of client and/or cease and desist letters on behalf of the company, so be ready just in case.  Also, some firms will make you write a memo or some kind of timed written response on the spot to see how you perform under pressure, so it may not be a bad idea to hammer out a few practice letters prior to the interview.  (Heads up: A lot of government staff attorney positions do this. Try to find out from someone you know ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary anxiety).

4. Business Cards
Whether you go solo or big law, you will need to invest in professional business cards with your basic contact info.  You will want to keep them handy at all times because you will go through a ton, especially starting out.  It is so important to network as much as possible, but if you don't have a card to give to your prospective client or potential business partner/referral, chances are they will forget you, possibly giving the case to someone else- someone else in their Rolodex that they actually have a business card for.  

5. Killer Wardrobe
Now that you are officially a professional, it is time to celebrate by investing in a killer wardrobe.  Think Elle Woods.  First impressions are everything in this industry, and you need to look nice at all times.  I like to shop at Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic for a lot of my work clothes.  Each of these stores has a great selection of professional workwear for the modern young professional, and they run sales all the time (which is when I do most, if not all of my shopping!).  Also, I am a huge Ivanka Trump fan and wear her shoes daily (I love these and these- on sale) because they are incredibly fashionable and functional and won't break the bank.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Best of luck to everyone taking the Bar Exam! 

July 25, 2016

"Live Colorfully"

Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
Ann Taylor Yellow Skirt, J. Crew Hot Pink Sweater, Lawyer Lookbook
SHIRT: J. Crew | SKIRT: Similar | BAG: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Nordstrom (no longer available) | SHOES: Ivanka Trump | SUNNIES: Nordstrom | LIPSTICK: YSL

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday (yesterday) with friends, family, and of course, my little rescue pup, Bruiser.  

I love mixing bold, bright colors, and pink and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations of all times, especially  for summer.  Kate Spade and J. Crew are two of my go-to stores any time I want classic rich solid pieces that I can style for work, or, a night out with friends.  Just throw on a chunky statement necklace and grab a hot pink handbag and you are ready for wherever the day takes you!

Thanks for stopping by!


July 22, 2016

5 Professionals Every Woman Should Know

Career, Lawyer Lookbook
1. Lawyer
Lawyers are not just for criminals...  Everyone needs an attorney at some point in time, whether it be for estate planning, buying and selling real estate, divorce, and so many other things where legal paperwork is involved. Although you may not need a lawyer right this second, it is good to have someone with experience (in that specific field) that you trust to represent you in some of your biggest life decisions.
Tip: For any kind of real estate transaction (or, divorce where there is real estate involved), be sure to go with someone who actually understands real property!!!  We have seen some disasters where the attorney did not understand property and the paperwork has been very screwed up.
Tip 2: You get what you pay for!  I once saw a meme on Facebook that summed it up perfectly- "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."  Sometimes it is best to leave things to the "experts", and get it right the first time than cutting corners and spending double trying to fix it.

2. Accountant
The thought of doing my own tax return stresses me out.  Similar to #1, sometimes, it is just easier to write a check and let a qualified professional do the job.  This is exactly how I feel about doing my taxes...  I do not have an accounting background and do not want the IRS to come after me, so I feel more comfortable letting my accountant figure it all out for me so I can have peace of mind.  

3. Financial Advisor
I am a firm believer in investing and saving for retirement.  I have been investing since 18.  I highly recommend you meet with a financial advisor and start investing asap if you don't already (even if it is just $20/month- something is better than nothing!).  It can be very overwhelming and intimidating to think about retirement, let alone meet with a stranger to discuss your finances.  I have gone to church with my financial advisor since second grade, so I know I am in good hands and that he will not try to scam me.  If you are new to this area, I highly recommend reading Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover.  He explains complex financial concepts in simple terms.

4. Realtor
Whether you rent or own, having a good realtor to represent your best interests and seal the deal will ensure that everything is in order so that you don't have to stress about all of the nitty gritty details.  Instead, you can focus on paint colors and how to decorate, the finer things.  :-)  Moving is a very exciting and emotional time.  In addition to someone with experience, look for someone you are compatible with and that listens to (and validates) your needs and wants.  I went to look at my house on a spring Friday afternoon and fell in love with the deck area that cascaded into a pool.  I envisioned summer barbecues and backyard pool parties, but then when reality set in, I started to panic about the cost of insurance and maintaining the pool... So, I freaked out to my realtor and we counter-offered that they take it out, which they did.  I bought it two years ago and am still here!

5. Trusted Mentor
Mentors are so important to professional growth and development, especially to those of us relatively new to the (professional) workforce.  I have several people I can call on to ask for advice or bounce ideas off of in confidence, and always appreciate their time and honest perspective.  If you are new to the workforce and are looking for a mentor, ask people that you admire in your respective field to coffee, and ask what steps they took as well as what advice they have.  Trust me, it is so awkward (and you will feel like a total stalker), but nine times out of ten the person is genuinely flattered and willing to help someone just getting started.  Plus, you never know what that first meeting could lead to- an interview, a job, a lifelong friendship... the worst the person could say is "no", and it is their loss!
Tip: Don't forget about your college career center.  They can help point you in the right direction and connect you with the right folks!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would love to know your thoughts or if you would add anyone to this list!

July 20, 2016

VK Sport

VK Sport Women's Golf, Nashville
VK Sport Women's Golf, Nashville
VK Sport Women's Golf, Nashville
VK Sport Women's Golf, Nashville
VK Sport Women's Golf, Nashville
TOP: c/o VK Sport | SKORT: c/o VK Sport | SUNNIES: Forever 21 | LIPSTICK: YSL | SHOES: Nordstrom

I am so excited to team up with Nashville's very own VK Sport, for today's blog post!  VK Sport is a fashion-forward new women's luxury golf and athletic wear label created by Nashville #girlboss and avid golfer, Victoria Kopyer.  I love how each piece is fashionable, yet functional, and fits perfectly, while giving me plenty of room to move freely about the fairway, while still looking chic.  Finally, a chic line of golf and athletic apparel for women. Think Tory Burch on the golf course!

In addition to the beautiful colors and stylish patterns, I love how the fabric has been developed with innovative technology to keep you cool and block the harmful sun rays.  As a (very) fair-skinned gal, I absolutely appreciate that, and will take all the sun protection I can get!  Not to mention, this collection transitions nicely from the fairway, to the 'runway', and can be dressed up for a day on the green, or, a night on the town.  Simply throw on a navy blazer, bold accessories and strappy sandals, and you have an entirely new look.  

VK Sport definitely hit a "hole-in-one" with this collection.  Be sure to check out more of VK Sport's collection here!

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July 18, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, #NSale, Blogger Favorites
Left to right: Oversized Vest | Moto Jacket | Shearling Vest | Leather Jacket | Leopard Bag | Makeup Brushes  Perfume | Tory Burch Mini | Eyebrow Kit | Mules | Booties | Rain Boots | Riding Boots                           

My favorite sale of the year is finally here and in full force, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  From now until July 21st, Nordstrom cardholders can shop sale items before the sale opens to the public (at which point many of the most coveted sale items sell out).  There are so many amazing jackets, boots, bags and beauty picks this year, and I have rounded up a few of my favorites for today's post.  Now is definitely the time to stock up on fall staples before these items go back to being full price.  Happy shopping!

Thanks for stopping by!

July 15, 2016

Ted Talks Worth Watching

My 2013 law school graduation in honor of the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde.  
"What, like it's hard??"

I am a huge TED fan, and anytime I need a quick pick-me-up, or dose of inspiration, I immediately head over to and look for new featured talks and topics.  There are so many to choose from, and they always get my creative juices flowing!  Today, I am sharing a few of my recent favorites that all young professionals should watch.  They are powerful, motivating, and certain to put things into perspective.  Enjoy!

Elizabeth Gilbert is hands-down one of my favorite authors.  If you have not yet read "Eat, Pray, Love", I encourage you to read it asap (especially if you are going on a trip!).  I read it on the flight to Paris, and it was such a fun and inspiring read.  I cannot wait to read "Big Magic" next.  I love hearing Gilbert speak so much that a lot of times will just type her name into the YouTube search bar and listen to her different speeches.  She is such a gifted writer and eloquent speaker.  This Ted Talk is so inspiring and one that you surely won't want to miss!

This Ted Talk by Meg Jay is a must for all young professionals, especially if you have ever been in a professional or personal rut.  She argues the case that your 20's is not simply a "throw-away" decade to not take life seriously. Instead, she argues that you should be making wise career/life/relationship decisions early on because you will not get those years back.  This talk will really make you examine your early career choices and get focused.  I also highly recommend her book "The Defining Decade" as well.

Why are some life choices so hard to make??  Attorney turned philosopher, Ruth Chang, argues that it is because many times we think about our options the wrong way.  This Ted Talk is a must-see for all of the over thinkers. Guilty!

Typically, when you think about stress, you have a very negative reaction and focus on the negative side effects that it brings about: anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, nervousness, shortness of breath, you name it.  In her Ted Talk, Kelly Mcgonigal suggests that sometimes stress may only be bad for you if you believe it is bad for you. Meaning, perhaps it's all in your head.  She urges us to transform our way of thinking and accept that not all stress is a bad thing, and it is certainly not always necessarily detrimental to our health.  If you have a lot of stress, take a deep breath and listen to this Ted Talk.  You won't be sorry!

Brene Brown.. need I say more?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  What are some of your favorite Ted Talks??

July 13, 2016

Splurge or Save..

Chloe Drew Bag Dupe
Splurge: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  
Save: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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July 11, 2016

White Lace Dress

DRESS: Ann Taylor (similar) | BAG: Kate Spade | NECKLACE: Similar | BRACELET: Kendra Scott | SHOES: Ivanka Trump (on sale!) | SUNNIES: Nordstrom | LIPSTICK: YSL

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  It has been a while since Bruiser (a/k/a "Bruisy") has made an appearance on my blog, so, I thought I would give an update on him. :-) Bruiser is my little rescue Russell/Chihuahua that my dad and I found on Easter in 2015 while out snapping blog photos- in a white dress, ironically!  He is well, rotten and a total handful (friends with Jack Russells know what I'm talking about, haha!!).  He keeps me busy, but I adore him!

Anyway, this white lace dress is one of my favorite dresses for summer.  It is such a versatile dress and literally goes with everything.  I love it paired with pops of pastel blue for when I want to dress it up.  It is also casual enough to wear for a day of errands and/or travel (I wore it to Versailles in Paris here) with booties, sneakers or flats, paired with a bomber jacket or tied chambray top, without being overdressed.  Now that the temps are in the upper 90's, I have been wearing dresses a lot more to beat the heat while also looking put together, and this dress totally fits the bill.

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July 6, 2016

Curly Hair Tutorial

DRESS: c/o SheIn | SUNNIES: Karen Walker | LIPSTICK: Mac
Hair tutorial and tips, curly hair
Hair tutorial and tips, curly hair
Products I use: Moroccanoil | Curling Gel | Mousse | Pomade | Hair Spray | Hair Dryer | Turbie Wet comb (not pictured, must have that I use daily!) | Necklace | Lipstick

A few months ago, I posted a curly hair tutorial for how I curl my hair each morning, and it has been one of my most popular blog posts to date.  One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to share some of my favorite tried-and-true beauty products and techniques, as well as see what other readers and bloggers are raving about.  In case you missed it the first time, you can see the full blog post HERE.  I hope you find this tutorial helpful!  What are your go-to products?? 

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July 4, 2016

July 4th Sales You Don't Want To Miss!

July 4th sales, Reward Style, Nordstrom
SHIRT: Nordstrom | SKIRT: Ann Taylor (similar) | BRACELET: Similar | LIPSTICK: YSL | SUNNIES: Prada (dupes for $20)

Happy 4th, friends!!  I hope you have a great time celebrating Independence Day with friends and family!  My family is grilling out, then I am going to see the fireworks in downtown Nashville with some friends- I can't wait!  
There are so many amazing sales going on right now, and I have linked some of my favorites below- be sure to check them out!  Now is definitely the time to stock up on all of the essentials with so many retailers offering up to 50% off.

Ann Taylor: 40% off Everything with code JULY40 + 60% off sale 

Banana Republic: 50% off sale + 40% off most full-priced items

J. Crew: 40% off summer staples + 40-60% off sale

Loft: 50% off everything with code JULY4TH 

Kate Spade: Up to 50% off + extra 30% off sale with code SUNSHINE 

Sephora: Choose 1 of 4 deluxe samples with any $25 purchase with code SPARKLE

Revolve: up to 50% off 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a happy and safe 4th!!!

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July 1, 2016

June Favorites

Dainty Jewell's Bon Voyage Dress
Ivanka Trump Carra Pumps
Lawyer Lookbook
Banana Republic lilac geo lace peplum dress

Happy Friday!  I cannot believe that it is officially July!  Where has the summer gone?  In case you missed anything, here are a few of my favorite June outfit posts.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a happy 4th! :-)