November 2, 2016

5 Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

1. Catch Up On a Good Book
This is probably my favorite way to spend my lunch break.  Reading is a great way to get my mind off of work, while still being productive and getting my creative juices flowing.  I love to read career development/business books, as well as the occasional chick flick book (my most recent fave).  I am currently reading this book, and this book is next on my queue.

2. Errands
The older I get, the more I truly value my time and how I spend it.  I hate burning my weekend up with pesky must-run errands, such as going to the dry cleaners.  Running one or even several errands throughout the week will free up your weekend to spend time doing things you actually enjoy.  Plus, I always feel better running my repeat errands where I see the same people over and over in my work attire (as opposed to after I work out on the weekend and look gross, haha).

3. Network
I try to do at least one networking lunch each week.  I may meet up with a mentor, go to a seminar, or, meet up with a professional colleague and just pick their brain and find out what advice they have.  

4. Call a Friend or Relative
My great-grandmother once had a crocheted pattern that said "Happiness is a Long Distance Phone Call."  I love this and could not agree more!  Calling someone you may not get to talk to all that often can really boost your mood for the rest of the day and make you very productive.  

5. Unplug

I am trying very hard to get better at unplugging from all technology (especially social media) during my lunch break and focus on the above numbered items.  I have noticed that when I scroll through my various feeds during lunch, I often feel drained, unfulfilled and unproductive.  I stare at a computer screen all day, so my eyes appreciate any screen breaks.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  How do you spend your lunch break??

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