January 20, 2017

What to Do on Your Day Off

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One of my goals for 2017 is to be more intentional with my days off.  This past year I transitioned from the private sector co-owning a law practice with my brother, to now serving in the public sector (ICYMI: see here and here).  One of the perks of working in the public sector, is enjoying days off for Federal holidays.  The most recent being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday.  Why not make the most of your days off by planning ahead? Here are a few ideas on ways to spend your days off:

1.  Plan a Weekend Getaway
Why not go somewhere close-by that you have always wanted to explore for the long weekend?  For me, I have thought about going to Savannah, Asheville (to see the Biltmore), or even Lexington.  It doesn't have to be a full-blown vaca-y, but could be an overnight trip, or an extended weekend stay.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Home Town
Similar to #1, you could also play tourist and explore your home town.  Nashville has so many new restaurants and cool areas to explore.  You could start by having brunch at a new local restaurant, then explore some new parts of town, go to a new coffee shop in the afternoon (some of my favorites in Nashville), then end the night with dinner and drinks at a new local restaurant.  There are so many awesome places to explore and this will definitely recharge your batteries and get your creative juices flowing.

3. Polish your CV and LinkedIn
Updating your CV on days off will help keep your professional image current.  Plus, by tweaking it from time to time, you will spend a lot less time whenever you do want to apply for a new position.  You will be glad you took the time to polish it every few months rather than spending hours on it the night before.  Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile as well.

4. Exercise
If you have a day off, you really don't have an excuse to not exercise.  Take your day off and go try out Pure Barre (dying to try this), or any other group class you have been wanting to try.  Take your dog for a long walk.  Spend part of the day getting physical and giving your body a break from the office chair.

5. Get Lost in a Good Book
I love to read, especially books on personal and career development (See my Fifteen Must-Read Career Books for the Modern Professional here).  I have memberships to libraries in two different counties and am constantly placing books on hold online to read (lol).  I have already read four books this month and plan to read even more.  I have been very intentional about spending less time on social media (which can be hard while running a blog), and more time reading.  I typically read during lunch, when working out (since my foot injury, I have had to give up the elliptical and ride a stationary bike and I will ride for one hour and read), and right before bed. Give it a try!

6. Volunteer
Volunteering always makes me feel great and puts things in perspective.  I love volunteering with animals at local shelters, even though I always want to take them all home!  Find a cause or charity you care about and see how you can help.

7. Pamper Yourself
Gather your mom or girlfriends and treat yourself to a spa day.  You have worked very hard and have to pamper yourself from time to time.  Go get a massage and perhaps a mani/pedi so you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the work week like a boss!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  How do you spend your days off?

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