February 10, 2017

January Reading

Best Entrepreneur Books, Tony Robbins
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Books I read in January: 

1. Do Cool Sh*t, Miki Agrawal
In Do Cool Sh*t, millennial entrepreneur Agrawal shares her own personal journey of entrepreneurship and how she founded a very successful farm-to-table pizzeria in New York.  She talks about partnering with Zappos founder, Tony Hsieh, and several other big names to create a thriving business.  

2. Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!, Lori Greiner
Grenier has invented more than 400 products and shares a lot of personal successes and failures that she has learned along the way.  This book is also full of other great tips on designing, patenting, manufacturing, pricing and marketing, as well as checklists and action items for succeeding in business.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert encourages readers to live their most creative life by sharing her own personal story and offering her unique perspective about creativity.  This is such an inspiring read!

This book has so many practical and timeless tidbits on how to be smart with money and set yourself up for lasting financial success.  It is a very short and easy read that you can knock out in a day.

In this book, Tony Robbins interviews fifty of the world's most successful business people and shares their secrets to success and personal insights into money.  This book is full of golden nuggets and I highly recommend it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  What are you reading??


  1. Thanks for the share! I just finished a fiction book called "Big Law" as well as a non-fiction book on forensics, so I have been looking for some new reads. I hadn't heard of Do Cool S**t before - definitely grabbing that one!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. Nice list! I am reading some Marketing stuff! Lori Greiner seems to be a great read!