About Brittany

Ivanka Trump Embellished Mock-Neck Sheath Dress, Republican National Convention

Welcome to Lawyer Lookbook, my name is Brittany, and I am from Nashville, Tennessee!

I am a lawyer and I love fashion, especially professional style.  I am a firm believer that professional women of all ages can be both successful and stylish.

This past year has been full of exciting changes and new beginnings for me. I graduated from law school, passed the Tennessee bar exam, co-founded a law practice, and purchased my first house. Starting a blog only seemed fitting!

As a young professional, I am constantly searching for ideas and inspiration from other career-oriented women. I strongly believe in empowering other women and love how blogging gives us the platform to do so, while also celebrating our love for fashion and all things creative.  In addition to law and fashion, I love Nashville, traveling, music, and am an extreme animal lover (you will see lots pictures of my little rescue dog, "Bruiser").  I blog about all of these things and more!

I hope you find inspiration from Lawyer Lookbook in the same way that I have found (and continue to find) inspiration from so many other amazing blogs.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the concept of your blog... so many great accomplishments to inspire others! Excited to follow your posts!!
    All the Cute
    Delicious Treat: Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes (free recipe printable!)

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  3. You recently "liked" one of my Instagram photos and I'm incredibly glad that your like led me to your blog. I'm about to graduate from law school in May and I love how your looks are polished and professional while remaining fun and youthful. I cannot wait to spend my first "real" paycheck on adding some wonderful pieces to my professional wardrobe. Thanks for sharing your blog and your looks!

  4. omg wow i really like ur blog ! and the way u dress ! this kind of dressing is the most graceful and tempting!

    wiiitj muchh love ur new fan Amasingly - Light, Love, Lifestyle

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